This Is a Circle By Chrissie Krebs

This is a circle. That is a square. This is a very silly book about a wild-looking one-eyed bear, a song-singing cat, a tap-dancing goat, and a pants-wearing fox. Armed with a variety of objects and shapes, these four silly creatures create a surprising amount of havoc, which starts by the goat climbing the box and only gets zanier from there!

This is A Circle is charming, silly tale of shapes and objects. Kreb's dynamic illustrations bring her zany words to life in a fun read-along book that will have the whole family smiling!

TitleThis Is a Circle
AuthorBy Chrissie Krebs
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSky Pony Press
Published7 August 2018
Dimensions10.00 x 10.00in.

About the author

Chrissie Krebs is an author-illustrator who also teaches art and media at a secondary school in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs. With a passion for drawing and telling amazing stories to get out of trouble, she grew up realizing that the only thing she really wanted to do was write and illustrate children's books. This Is a Circle is her first picture book.

ISBNs: 9781510731288 978-1-5107-3128-8 Title: this is a circle category:JUV ISBNs: 9781510731295 978-1-5107-3129-5 Title: this is a circle category:JUV 
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