My Feelings and Me By Holde Kreul, Illustrated by Dagmar Geisler

Do you know your own feelings?

Sometimes, we're happy, so we laugh and shout with glee. Other times, we're angry, and want to rage and roar.

It is not easy to deal with our many contradictory emotions. To recognize our own feelings and deal with them responsibly is an important learning process for children, and a trial of limits.

This vibrantly and expressively illustrated book invites children to talk about feelings. It takes readers through a range of potential emotions without ever calling them "good" or "bad," allowing children to recognize and examine their own emotional world.

TitleMy Feelings and Me
AuthorBy Holde Kreul, Illustrated by Dagmar Geisler
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSky Pony Press
Published3 April 2018
Dimensions8.50 x 10.50in.

About the author

Holde Kreul lives in Germany. She studied psychology and has been working with children for her whole career. For a long time, she directed a day-care center for children with mental disorders. Today she has her own psychotherapeutic practice and works with children and adults.

Dagmar Geisler is a German author and illustrator. She studied graphic design at the University of Applied Sciences in Wiesbaden and worked for several publishing houses and broadcasting companies. Dagmar currently focuses mainly on children's books. She illustrated My Body Belongs to Me from My Head to My Toes which received the Silver Feather (Silberne Feder) Children's Book Prize from the German Medical Women's Association, and is the author/illustrator of I Won't Go With Strangers. She lives with her family in Switzerland.

"This picture books helps start a dialogue between little readers and their caregivers about all the feelings a person can experience. The expressive and dynamic illustrations capture sadness, love, fear, and more in easily accessible ways . . . The text addresses the impacts emotions can leave, . . . [and] goes the extra mile by showing how our interpretations of other people's emotions can improve our relationships with them. . . . An effective and engaging text." --Kirkus Reviews

"Illustrated with Geisler’s bright, emotive cartoons... Kreul, a therapist, provides an affirming look at how understanding emotions is key to expressing them safely and constructively." --Publishers Weekly

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