Gameknight999 Box Set Six Unofficial Minecrafter’s Adventures! By Mark Cheverton
Boxed set
Gameknight999 loves Minecraft, but when one of his father’s inventions teleports him into the game, Gameknight is forced to live out a real-life adventure inside a digital world. Stuck in Minecraft, he discovers the game’s best-kept secret, something not even its programmers realize: the creatures within the game are alive!Over the course of six adventure novels, Gameknight999 battles zombies, spiders, ghasts, endermen, creepers, and even the infamous Herobrine as he tries to keep himself and his friends alive and fights to stop the enemies of Minecraft from taking over the game and escaping into real life. Included in the box set are the following novels:The Gameknight999 Series• Invasion of the Overworld• Battle for the Nether• Confronting the DragonThe Mystery of Herobrine Series• Trouble in Zombie-town• The Jungle Temple Oracle• Last Stand on the Ocean ShoreThe bestselling Gameknight999 books are action-packed tributes to the worldwide gaming phenomenon of Minecraft, and each novel is filled with your favorite characters, biomes, and creatures from the actual game. The Gameknight999 Box Set is the perfect gift for any Minecraft fan.
TitleGameknight999 Box Set
SubtitleSix Unofficial Minecrafter’s Adventures!
AuthorBy Mark Cheverton
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSky Pony Press
Published6 October 2015
Dimensions140 x 210mm.
ISBNs: 9781634502108 978-1-63450-210-8 Title: the gameknight999 box set category:JUV ISBNs: 9781634502108 978-1-63450-210-8 Title: gameknight999 box set category:JUV 
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