Juvenile Nonfiction

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    Blue Moon Soup
    A Family Cookbook
    By Gary Goss, Illustrated by Jane Dyer
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Soup is delicious in every season, and this delightful cookbook includes over thirty recipes for fall, winter, spring, and summer soups, as well as related recipes for bread, salads, and snacks. Using tasty ingredients and winning combinations, Chef Gary Goss proves that even beginning chefs can create... [READ MORE]
    The Big Book of Presidents
    From George Washington to Barack Obama
    By Nancy J. Hajeski
    (Sky Pony Press)
    The president has been the figurehead of the United States since the time when our country was a small band of thirteen fledgling colonies until its current position as a world superpower. The forty-four leaders of our nation have had fascinating, exciting, and sometimes scandalous lives. The Big Book... [READ MORE]
    What's the BIG Idea?
    Amazing Science Questions for the Curious Kid
    By Vicki Cobb
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Why don't we feel the Earth move? Why does an ice cube float? Why can't you unscramble an egg? Why can't we live forever? These are all questions that a curious kid might ask. In What's the BIG Idea?, renowned juvenile science educator Vicki Cobb answers these and other fascinating questions to help... [READ MORE]
    The Tiny Traveler: Egypt
    A Book of Shapes
    Illustrated by Misti Kenison
    (Sky Pony Press)
    If you’re going to learn about shapes, why not do it in the exciting land of Egypt? Egypt’s Great Sphinx, pyramids, and camels all come to life in this new board book by graphic designer Misti Kenison. Toddlers will learn basic shapes such as triangles, hexagons, and circles with bright, geometric spreads... [READ MORE]
    The Tiny Traveler: France
    A Book of Colors
    Illustrated by Misti Kenison
    (Sky Pony Press)
    The Arc de Triomphe, the Moulin Rouge, the Eiffel Tower—there is so much to do and see in the colorful city of Paris. From graphic designer Misti Kenison comes an adventurous new board book for your toddler. The culture and monuments of France are rendered into bold, graphic illustrations accompanied... [READ MORE]
    A Story of Richard Nixon and the Shocking 1972 Scandal
    By Jules Archer, Foreword by Roger Stone
    (Sky Pony Press)
    With expert storytelling skills, historian Jules Archer recounts the complete story of Watergate, from that first fateful predawn Saturday morning—June 18, 1972—when night watchman Frank Willis discovered “burglars” inside the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee to President Richard Nixon’s... [READ MORE]
    Hilarious Jokes for Minecrafters
    Mobs, Creepers, Skeletons, and More
    By Michele C. Hollow, By Jordon P. Hollow, By Steven M. Hollow
    (Sky Pony Press)
    This adventure series is created especially for readers who love the fight of good vs. evil, magical academies like Hogwarts in the Harry Potter saga, and games like Minecraft, Terraria, and Pokemon GO. Hilarious Jokes for Minecrafters is the second book in the Jokes for Minecrafters series, which boasts... [READ MORE]
    Doodles Movie Star
    Sensational, Show-Stopping Pictures to Create and Complete
    By Katy Jackson
    (Sky Pony Press)
    You're in charge: Design the wardrobe, props, and even the special effects for these movies! Make the stars sparkle by doodling cool costumes for the set and glamorous gowns for the red carpet. Give the movies some magic with crazy makeup and sensational sets. Draw yourself into the lives of celebrities... [READ MORE]
    The Other Colors
    An ABC Book
    By Valerie Gates, By (photographer) Ann Cutting
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Do you know what the colors gamboge, zaffre, and debian look like? Then travel through the alphabet with The Other Colors to learn about the beautiful and unusually named colors found in nature—and to brush up on those ABCs as well. Valerie Gates's charming alliterative style paired with Ann Cutting's... [READ MORE]
    Jesse James
    The Wild West for Kids
    By Adam Woog
    (Sky Pony Press)
    Notorious for his widely publicized bank and train robberies, Jesse James will forever be known as the American outlaw and gang leader. James began his infamous career during the Civil War, as part of a group of Confederate guerrilla fighters in his native state of Missouri. But as the war ended, James... [READ MORE]
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