Christmas Carol & the Defenders of Claus By Robert L. Fouch

Carol really loves Christmas. The decorating and shopping, the Christmas sweaters and music—she wishes it all could be a year-round event. The only downside to the holiday is that she lives in Florida (not exactly the land of snow) and her only family is her Uncle Christopher, who adopted Carol when she was young, after her father's disappearance and mother's death. Her uncle owns a toy company and is super rich—but he's a grinch and a workaholic.

Then, on a magical December trip to NYC, Carol meets her destiny. Santa—the real man with the bag—meets Carol at the top of Rockefeller Center, overlooking the tree. There he explains that Carol is descended from a long line of Defenders of Claus, those who protect and serve Santa. Carol's dad was a Defender. And now Carol has been tapped to fulfill his legacy.

Who would want to hurt Santa? Someone pretty scary and shady, it appears—a masked man who's trying to destroy Christmas! Carol is whisked off to the North Pole on the adventure of a lifetime. Can she help save Santa before it's too late?

TitleChristmas Carol & the Defenders of Claus
AuthorBy Robert L. Fouch
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSky Pony Press
Published10 October 2017
Dimensions5.50 x 8.25in.

About the author

Robert L. Fouch is an author and journalist who grew up in the hills of West Virginia and now makes his home on Long Island in New York. He has worked in the newspaper business for longer than he cares to admit, including twenty-two years at Newsday as a copy editor, page designer, and occasional feature writer. He has a bachelor’s degree in editorial journalism from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia, and is married with a teenage son, who is his sounding board and toughest critic. He is a Browns and Cubs fan, which, before the end of the curse in 2016, was about as much misery as a sports fan could stand.

"A glittering sleigh-ride of a holiday tale! Fouch conjures an enchanting vision of what Christmas means, while giving us the perfect gift, a lively and hilarious new heroine—Christmas Carol!" - Tony Abbott, author of Kringle
ISBNs: 9781510724594 978-1-5107-2459-4 Title: christmas carol the defenders of claus category:JUV ISBNs: 9781510724525 978-1-5107-2452-5 Title: christmas carol the defenders of claus category:JUV 
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