The Know-It-All Trivia Book for Minecrafters Over 800 Amazing Facts and Insider Secrets Brian Boone, Amanda Brack
The Minecraft Know-It-All Trivia Book is the must-have book of more than 800 incredible facts for your favorite multi-player video game! Test your brains and stump your friends about life in the Overworld and down in the Nether, where Minecraft came from, and hundreds of other tips and Minecraft gaming secrets! Included are chapters like, “Minecrafters on the Job” that share little-known facts about the famous Minecrafters and YouTubers; “The Mod World” with all the craziest mods in existence; and “Random Mode,” which dives into the most bizarre and uncanny facts about the game. Become a masterbuilder of your own Minecraft smarts with The Minecraft Know-It-All Trivia Book!

Inside you will find awesome trivia such as:

  • Herobrine isn't a real character programmed into the game. Urban legends insist that he's a dead miner, or that Notch's deceased brother haunts the game. It's just a glitch that makes Steve sometimes appear to have spooky white eyes. They’re probably just bleary from playing too much Minecraft.

  • The name of the main miner character in the game is Steve, right? Well, sort of. He didn't ever have one, until someone asked Notch in an interview if the character had a name. Notch's response: "Steve?" The name stuck. We still don’t know what his last name is, though.

  • This trivia book for kids ages 7 and up comes complete with silly illustrations to make becoming a master of Minecrafter facts even more fun. Whether you’re at home or school, you can have all your friends and family in awe of your Minecrafter knowledge!
    TitleThe Know-It-All Trivia Book for Minecrafters
    SubtitleOver 800 Amazing Facts and Insider Secrets
    AuthorBrian Boone, Amanda Brack
    PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
    ImprintSky Pony Press
    Published17 October 2017
    Dimensions5.00 x 7.00in.

    About the author

    Brian Boone is the author of Hysterical Jokes for Minecrafters, Side-Splitting Jokes for Minecrafters, and many other books about everything from inventions to paper airplanes to magic to TV. He's written for lots of funny websites and he lives in Oregon with his family.

    ISBNs: 9781510730908 978-1-5107-3090-8 Title: the know-it-all trivia book for minecrafters category:JNF 
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