Sweet Penny and the Lion By Richard Fairgray, By Alexander Burke
There once was a girl called Sweet Penny who did exactly as she was told.
Her sister and brother disappointed her mother, but she never broke the mold.
Penny was so nice and quiet that teachers forgot she was there. Being so good, doing just what you should, that just won't get you anywhere.

Sweet Penny is so good, she would never do anything to disappoint her parents or disrupt class or upset her friends. In fact, she's so sweet, that even when bullies steal her lunch, she just quietly smiles and lets them.

And then, one day on the playground Penny's class is playing a game when a lion hops over the fence. Penny's classmates scream and scatter, but Penny was told to stay right where she was. And so she does.

And the lion eats her.

But something changes when she's in his very dark belly. She punches and kicks her way out, and when she emerges, not-so-sweet Penny will never be taken advantage of again.

Told in verse, Richard Fairgray and Alex Burke's wickedly funny picture book is a celebration of strong girls and a call to, "Be bold, be loud, shout out, and speak up," because "sometimes it's hard to be brave."
TitleSweet Penny and the Lion
AuthorBy Richard Fairgray, By Alexander Burke
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSky Pony Press
Published6 March 2018
Dimensions12.00 x 10.00in.
IllustrationsIllustrated throughout.

About the author

Richard Fairgray is a writer, artist and colorist, best known for his work in comic books such as Blastosaurus and Ghost Ghost, and picture books such as Gorillas in Our Midst, My Grandpa is a Dinosaur, and If I Had an Elephant. As a child he firmly believed he would grow up and eat all the candy he wanted and stay up as late as he liked. By drawing pictures when he wasn’t meant to and reading all the things people told him not to, he has made this come true.

All Richard needs to be happy is a good table to draw on and a nice scanner and lamp. He now owns multiple tables, scanners and lamps in New Zealand, USA, and Canada so he can sit down and start working wherever he wakes up.

Alexander Burke is an award-winning composer and musician residing in Los Angeles. Alex has composed music for films and soundtracks such as Iron Man 3, The Gift, A Little Something For Your Birthday, as well as TV shows like Mortified Nation, Funny Or Die, and too many others to list here. He is a guest artist for numerous albums and live specials for Artists including Michael Buble, David Lynch, Fiona Apple, Edward James Olmos, Dave Grohl, and Margaret Cho. Alex’s band Magnolia Memoir have currently released 4 albums. Please update this bio yourself with a black ballpoint pen as this number grows.

Alex survives on a special diet of popcorn and coffee that is rigorously supervised by a cat named Major Tom (short for Maureen Thomas, but it is unclear how she attained military ranking) whom he rescued from a life of coldness and the great outdoors.

Praise for Richard Fairgray:

"Picking up where Maurice Sendak left off, this is a perfect a-morality tale for the naughty little children of our times." —Amanda Palmer on Sweet Penny and the Lion

“One of those books I wish I could have read my daughters when they were growing up.” —Ed Asner on Sweet Penny and the Lion

"Eat the lion next time kid!" —Lily Tomlin on Sweet Penny and the Lion<

“A valuable lesson in the importance of courage, whether you’re small or all grown-up. It’s absolutely timeless (and adorable, as well). Everyone needs a reminder to be brave and bold, which is what this book dishes up in (not so) sweet ways. If ever there was a time to be reminded of this, it’s now. Get Sweet Penny for your little one, for yourself, and another for your future self.” —Erin La Rosa, Deputy Editorial Director of Buzzfeed on Sweet Penny and the Lion

"The bold, comic-style illustrations will keep readers amused from page to page and searching for the next unexpected gorilla. Alternating between large spreads and single panels, the graphics are engaging, funny, and decidedly the best part of the book. This extremely silly story will be chewed up by kids faster than a banana is by a gorilla and will leave all ages feeling amused and looking for adventure. Verdict: Ideal for reading aloud, this amusing title is sure to please." —School Library Journal on Gorillas in Our Midst

"Children, parents, and grandparents alike will find much to amuse them in this frankly funny picture book about perception and family." —School Library Journal on My Grandpa is a Dinosaur
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