When Endermen Attack Redstone Junior High #4 By Cara J. Stevens

Winter has come to Redstone Junior High once again, and with it comes holiday celebrations, snowball combat practice, and loads of outdoor fun. But even though the threat of Smite and his henchmen has passed, a new, sinister force lurks in the dark hallways of the school. Strange blocks begin to appear in random places throughout the school, and students have been hearing eerie sounds coming from its abandoned corridors. Pixel, Sky, and Umal team up to figure out what’s tormenting their school and why.

To make matters worse, Tina and her followers are determined to work against Pixel. What follows is a griefing war that spares no one—not even the teachers or Principal Redstone. As the kids discover more about the lanky creatures who are terrorizing their school, it becomes painfully clear that they must put aside their differences to unite against a common enemy. Will a mob invasion actually bring the students together, or will Redstone Junior High remain haunted forever?

TitleWhen Endermen Attack
SubtitleRedstone Junior High #4
AuthorBy Cara J. Stevens
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSky Pony Press
Published6 November 2018
Dimensions6.00 x 9.00in.
ISBNs: 9781510738010 978-1-5107-3801-0 Title: when endermen attack category:JUV ISBNs: 9781510737983 978-1-5107-3798-3 Title: when endermen attack category:JUV 
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