The Big Book of Math for Minecrafters Adventures in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division By Sky Pony Press, Illustrated by Amanda Brack
This kid-friendly workbook features well-loved video game characters and concepts to reinforce the development of first through fourth grade math skills laid out in the national Common Core State Standards. Colorfully illustrated puzzles and high-interest, engaging word problems use beloved items from the Overworld like diamond swords, suits of armor, zombies, and magical potions to encourage math practice in even the most reluctant of students. The curriculum-based content covered here includes lessons in:

• Geometric shapes • Telling time • Counting money • Word problems • Understanding fractions and place values • Multiplication and division up to one hundred • And so much more!

Skip to the pages that suit your child’s needs and learning style or start at the beginning and advance page by page—it’s up to you! As the workbook progresses, the problems become more challenging so that learners of all levels can enjoy an exciting, skill-building math adventure. Perfect for Minecrafters who learn at all paces, The Big Book of Math for Minecrafters is as fun as it is educational—and is just what your little learner needs to get ahead academically!
TitleThe Big Book of Math for Minecrafters
SubtitleAdventures in Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division
AuthorBy Sky Pony Press, Illustrated by Amanda Brack
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSky Pony Press
Published4 September 2018
Dimensions8.50 x 11.00in.

About the author

Amanda Brack is also the illustrator of the Creeper Diaries series and the Jokes for Minecrafters series from Sky Pony Press. She has a passion for drawing and illustration and enjoys the creativity of working on a wide variety of projects in her freelance career. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts.

ISBNs: 9781510737594 978-1-5107-3759-4 Title: the big book of math for minecrafters category:JNF 
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