Kids Can Code! Fun Ways to Learn Computer Programming By Lynn Beighley
Unleash the master coder in your child with this activity-filled guide! Fun coding adventures show kids just how far their imagination can take them. (Did you know coding took us to the moon?!) Complete with simple steps, colorful illustrations, and easy-to-follow screenshots, kids will find the encouragement they need to dive right in and discover the amazing power of coding. You’ll both love how Crack the Code:

  • Gives kids the confidence to master coding through simple projects that feel like play.
  • Helps young learners get to know some of the most common coding languages—and the many ways they’re used to invent and create—in kid-friendly ways.
  • Makes concepts like plot coordinates and binary code simple (even fun!) to grasp.
  • Boosts computational thinking—tackling large problems by breaking them down into a sequence of smaller, more manageable problems.
  • Gives kids a taste of the many ways coding be used—from music and design to animation and gaming.

    The activity-based learning in this guide sets kids up for immediate coding success, so they feel like a real programmer. It’s the best way to keep them learning and excited about technology!
  • TitleKids Can Code!
    SubtitleFun Ways to Learn Computer Programming
    AuthorBy Lynn Beighley
    PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
    ImprintSky Pony Press
    Published12 February 2019
    Dimensions8.00 x 10.00in.

    About the author

    Lynn Beighley is the bestselling author of more than a dozen technical books and courses for adults, but she enjoys using her education degree and computer science knowledge to break down complex concepts for kids the most. Her Geek Girl’s Guide to Geek Women helped raise money for Girls Who Code. She lives in Berkeley Heights, NJ.

    ISBNs: 9781510740051 978-1-5107-4005-1 Title: kids can code category:JNF 
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