The ORVIS Kids' Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing Easy Tips To Catch Fish Today By Tyler Befus
Kids can fly fish, too! Fifteen-year-old Tyler Befus loves to fly fish. He has won awards and traveled all over the world to fish in different places. In this guide, Tyler shows that any kid can learn to fly fish. Discover fascinating information about where fish live and what fish eat, and learn tips about what equipment you’ll need, casting techniques, and much, much more to get you started on your own fly-fishing adventure. Fly fishing is an awesome way to spend time outdoors with your family, and with this book, any kid can become an expert!

The ORVIS Kids’ Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing is filled with a personal collection of photos and drawings done by Tyler himself. Because it has been written by an actual kid, this fully revised and updated book is a one-of-a-kind guide that kids can understand and easily learn from. Filled with all kinds of great tips and tricks, this is a valuable resource for any kid who wants to know more about fishing. After all, fly fishing isn’t just for the adults!

For fishing enthusiasts ages 8 and up, this is the perfect first stop shop for learning all you can about fly fishing. The pefect gift for those who love to fish and want to teach younger kids the skills behind fly fishing or for that kid who just loves reading about the outdoors.
TitleThe ORVIS Kids' Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing
SubtitleEasy Tips To Catch Fish Today
AuthorBy Tyler Befus
PublisherSkyhorse Publishing
ImprintSky Pony Press
Published15 March 2016
Dimensions8.00 x 10.00in.
Illustrations82 color photos, 24 color illustrations.

About the author

By the age of eighteen months old, Tyler Befus was out fly fishing with his parents, Brad and Lisa. He began tying and presenting at fishing shows not long after and began traveling to attend more fly fishing shows and clubs by the time he was nine years old. Tyler’s first book, A Kid’s Guide to Fly Fishing, was published when he was eight. Tyler fished on the USA Youth Fly Fishing Team from 2012 through 2014 and has also held pro staff positions with numerous fly fishing companies throughout his time in the industry and is currently the youngest pro team member with Scientific Anglers. When he isn’t fishing, Tyler enjoys spending his time upland and waterfowl hunting, exploring the world, or photography, drawing and writing. He currently lives in Montrose, Colorado.

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